Building works

Selint offers a complete range of services for the renovation of internal and external spaces. The highly qualified staff is able to carry out any type of intervention , including insulation, managing every phase of the process, from the initial design to demolition and reconstruction .
  • Customized planning: implementation of every type of intervention. Tailor-made design is the starting point of every renovation. The team of experts then carries out the work in close contact with customers to translate ideas into concrete projects .
  • Coverings and Floors: vast selection of high quality coverings and flooring materials to guarantee impeccable aesthetic and functional results.
  • Electrical Systems and Air Conditioning: installation and updating of electrical systems and air conditioning systems to ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency .
  • Painting and Masonry: painting and masonry work , with a guarantee of impeccable quality and craftsmanship in every detail, even for large surfaces .
  • Access Control and Anti-intrusion: advanced solutions for access control and anti-intrusion security .
Selint provides complete and personalized renovation services capable of responding to the specific needs of customers . Competence , professionalism and constant updating guarantee that each renovation project is carried out with care, precision and in compliance with the highest quality standards .
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