The calibration service offered by Selint is complete and highly professional , including a wide range of performances and services that stand out for their excellence and precision . This service is divided into three fundamental aspects of calibration:
  • LAT calibration (Accredited Calibration Laboratories): Selint’s team of experts is able to perform the calibration of measuring instruments strictly following the standards of the Accredited Calibration Laboratories (LAT) . This guarantees that the equipment is calibrated with maximum precision and in full compliance with the reference standards .
  • Certificates of Conformity: at the end of the calibration process, a detailed certificate of conformity is provided which attests to the precision and reliability of the instruments .
  • Multi-year calibrations: to guarantee the constant calibration of the instruments , thus guaranteeing full efficiency and precision, Selint offers the possibility of multi-year calibrations .
  Furthermore, to ensure maximum quality and precision at every stage of the calibration process, Selint collaborates closely with specialized and LAT certified laboratories . This partnership allows access to additional resources and skills that guarantee a service that always meets the expectations of the most demanding customers. By choosing Selint’s complete calibration service, you choose the certainty of working with highly qualified professionals. The priority is to meet customer needs to ensure we are always ready to face the most demanding challenges.