Equipment rental and leasing

Selint offers an equipment rental service with a wide range of options capable of satisfying a wide range of needs , both for short , medium and long periods of use .

It is also possible to choose the leasing option with final purchase for those who wish to own the instruments at the end of the rental period.

  • Flexible Rental: extremely flexible rental services suitable for periods of use of different durations. Whether it is a short period for a specific work or continuous use in the medium or long term , Selint has the right solution for any need.


  • Final Purchase Leasing: For those who wish to own the instruments at the end of the rental period, we offer the final purchase leasing option .


  • Tailor-made formulas: customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer .


  • Rental Booklet: rental booklet valid for up to 12 months . An ideal solution for those who require even greater flexibility . With a rental book, customers can plan their usage as needed throughout the year.

Selint is ready to collaborate with companies and professionals to provide tailor-made rental solutions capable of satisfying every need, regardless of the complexity or duration of the project.

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