Measurement Services

Selint specializes in on-site measurements and offers a wide range of services to ensure an electromagnetically safe and secure environment.

Carry out onsite measurements with report release:

  • Electromagnetic Pollution Detection: on-site measurements to identify and evaluate electromagnetic pollution present in specific environments. These analyzes also allow you to identify potential sources of electromagnetic interference that can negatively affect the reliability of electronic equipment.
  • Efficiency of Shielding for Rooms and Environments: optimization of electromagnetic shielding for rooms and environments with the use of fabrics designed to resist frequencies up to 1 GHz, 6 GHz and 18 GHz, in compliance with MIL STD 285-IEEE299 specifications . These interventions aim to improve the effectiveness of shielding to protect environments from unwanted electromagnetic interference.
  • TEMPEST ZONING measurements: specialized measurements for identifying the best performing physical countermeasures in the TEMPEST ZONING environment . These measurements are critical to ensuring the security of confidential information and protecting electronic communications from potential risks of interception or interference .


Selint ensures high-quality on-site services that enable customers to assess , improve and protect the electromagnetic environment of their sites and installations.

Each service is accompanied by the production of detailed reports that provide a complete picture of the measurements and recommended actions to ensure maximum efficiency and electromagnetic safety.

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