Selint ensures excellence in the maintenance of electronic instruments , both during the warranty period and subsequently.

This service is characterized by several strong points that make it an ideal choice for those seeking reliability and constant efficiency :

  • Assistance Covered by Warranty: during the warranty period, the company offers complete assistance to ensure that the electronic instruments are always in perfect operating conditions . This service includes periodic checks, repairs and component replacements if necessary.


  • Post-Warranty Maintenance: After the warranty expires, Selint continues to provide maintenance services , ensuring that the instruments remain in excellent working order . This long-term commitment ensures the durability and reliability of the equipment.


  • Reduced Delivery Times: another strong point of the service is its speed of execution . Selint is committed to providing extremely short lead times to minimize customer downtime and enable a rapid return to operational standards .


Selint ‘s approach to the maintenance of electronic equipment is characterized by attention to detail , technical expertise and dedication to ensuring full customer satisfaction . By choosing their services, customers can rest assured that they are working with a reliable partner for their electronic maintenance needs.