Shielded Enviroments

Tempest Comsec Security

Shielded rooms for information protection

Shielding of rooms

Supply of “turnkey” shielded rooms through the installation of shielding fabric on the walls, ceiling and floor, installation of local ventilation wave guides, technical panels equipped with filters and penetrations for FO passage, supply and installation of doors and screened windows.

Expected shielding values: 40-50dB in the frequencies 30MHz – 6GHz.

The shielding fabrics used are produced with NICKEL 

Nickel offers numerous advantages in terms of characteristics:

  • It is stable in environments subject to corrosion;
  • Surface resistivity can be approximately 100 ohms or less depending on the fabric structure;

Nickel offers excellent shielding efficiency even in magnetic fields and plane waves.

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Shielded rooms

Supply and installation of “turnkey” EMC and Tempest shielded structures based on specific dimensions and customer needs.

The shielded chamber is made with modular “sandwich” type shielding panels . The construction system consists of modular panels that are easy to dismantle in case of need to move the shielded structure, the same can be re-installed in a different configuration and size compared to the initial project.

The modular panels are built with 0.5mm galvanized laminated steel sheets on both sides and in the center of 19mm high density pressed wood with a particular treatment that makes it  resistant to humidity.

These chambers can be made in different sizes , up to 100 dB in a frequency range from 10KHz to 18 GHz. The doors provided are also made with very accurate closures and the combination of gaskets and metal fingers .

The interconnections are filtered ,  both for the electrical part and for the  parts interconnected with the equipment , with shielding suitable for the  type of signal .

The modular structure allows for considerable construction flexibility, allowing every technical request to be satisfied.

Shielding efficiency and Tempest Zoning verification service

Selint offers the IEE299 (MIL STD285) shielding efficiency testing service for both shielded rooms and shielded rooms with the release of a test report .

Furthermore, to verify the shielding methodology to be adopted, it carries out Tempest Zoning tests with the release of the relevant test report in accordance with COMSEC regulations.

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