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Selint , based in Rome, has been active in the market since 1990 as a national distributor of the main international brands of electronic equipment providing cutting-edge solutions.

Constant updating and research into the best technologies make the Company the most reliable partner to tackle any type of project.

Thanks to the contribution of highly specialized engineers and international level consultants , Selint is able to successfully face a vast range of challenges with over 30 brands and more than 2000 product types and 6 divisions .

Partnerships with companies from every country like South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Lithuania, China, Canada, USA, Europe, Israel, guarantee the best solutions .


Selint has selected and trained a highly qualified team of technicians and collaborators for its customers .

Thanks to their expertise and ability, the Company has established consolidated and long-lasting relationships with its partners, becoming a point of reference at a national level .

Selint is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard , demonstrating its constant commitment to quality and excellence in all its activities.


Selint places the customer and their needs at the center of its attention, providing complete solutions for every project and activity.

The continuous search for innovative solutions allows Selint to support its customers in every challenge.


Each division of Selint is committed to technological excellence and the provision of high-quality solutions to meet customer needs in various industrial sectors.

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Electromagnetic Compatibility

Selint offers complete services in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) through the design and supply of semi-anechoic and anechoic chambers for pre-compliance and full-compliance tests.

These rooms comply with standards such as EN-61000-4-3 , EN-61000-4-21 , EN55022 , EN50147-3 and ISO11451 , and are equipped with all the necessary instrumentation and software for the integrated management of EMC laboratories.

Selint manufactures shielded chambers in compliance with military specifications , such as DO160D , MIL STD 461 and TEMPEST.

General Purpose Instrumentation

Selint has selected a range of products that includes laboratory measurement instruments and systems both for general use and dedicated such as the “Automatic TestEquipment” (ATE), oscilloscopes, generators, spectrum analyzers, frequency counters, power supplies, multi recording systems -channel, LCR bridges and power supplies.

Tempest-Emi products

Selint offers a wide range of TEMPEST products between the AMSG720B and AMSG788 models, which include notebooks, PCs, LCD screens, printers, faxes, switches, routers and RUGGED and RUGGED TEMPEST notebooks with keyboard, touch screen and light pen.

The services also include the creation of LAN networks compliant with TEMPEST standards, which include both the supply of devices and the creation of “turnkey” projects.

To meet the needs of our customers in this highly specialized sector, we offer TEMPEST measurement systems and receivers.

Antennas and Antenna Systems

Selint guarantees a complete assortment of antennas and antenna systems , including OMNI, Direction Finding (DF) and Jamming Systems.

These systems are equipped with receiving devices and peripherals , designed for both fixed and mobile locations , including those on board vehicles, carefully calibrated to ensure optimal performance and are suitable for use in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) laboratories.

Spectrum Analysis and Surveillance

Selint provides its customers with a wide range of recorders and highly versatile recording systems , both analogue and digital .

These devices are particularly suitable for SIGINT (ELINT / COMINT ) electronic warfare (EW) activities and for ECM / ESM operations .

Among the 200 types of products selected there are complex design acquisition and analysis systems , including digital oscilloscopes and Real -Time Spectrum Analyzers.

Active and Passive Components

Selint has selected the best  components including coaxial devices covering a wide range of frequencies , from DC up to 60 GHz, adapters, push-on adapters, cable assemblies, phase shifters, transitions and DC-Blocks, as well as rail components waveband ranging from DC up to 300 GHz, ensuring high-quality performance for applications at extremely high frequencies.